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GPA abbreviation of "grade-point average."
great white shark any of the family of large predatory fishes of the world's temperate coastal regions that has a white underbelly, multiple rows of rotating teeth, and an average size of 13 feet (4 m.) in length and 4000 pounds (1814 kg.) in weight.
heavyweight a person who weighs well above average. [1/6 definitions]
high-quality of a quality higher than average.
inflation an increase in the average price level. [1/2 definitions]
intelligent possessing or marked by a higher than average capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding; intellectual; smart. [1/4 definitions]
isotherm a line on a weather map or chart that connects all points on the earth's surface that have the same average temperature over a specified period, or the same temperature at a given time.
L2 abbreviation of "large," of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small.
large of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small. [1/2 definitions]
lightweight someone who weighs less than the average. [1/6 definitions]
load factor the ratio of the average load to the maximum load. [1/2 definitions]
low-grade of a lesser degree, esp. compared with average or normal. [1/2 definitions]
man in the street a common, ordinary man; average citizen (usu. understood to include women).
mean3 the average number or amount, usu. calculated by adding all the values in a distribution and dividing their sum by the number of such values. [2/4 definitions]
mean deviation a measure of variability, esp. in a statistical distribution, that is equal to the average of the absolute values of a set of deviations from the arithmetic mean or some other specified value.
mean distance the arithmetic average of the greatest and least distances of a planet from the sun, used to describe the size of the planet's orbit.
mediocre of average to poor quality; ordinary.
mental age an individual's mental ability, measured in terms of the chronological age at which an average person would attain that level of intelligence.
midget (sometimes considered offensive) a much smaller than average person whose body is typically proportioned. [1/5 definitions]
moderate of a medium or average amount, size, quality, or degree; neither very much nor very little, very high nor very low, or the like. [1/9 definitions]
month the average period of one revolution of the moon around the earth, approximately twenty-eight days. [1/3 definitions]