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handpick to pick (fruits or the like) by hand rather than by machine. [1/2 definitions]
handwork work done by hand rather than by machine.
handwoven woven by hand, as a basket, or woven on a handloom.
handwriting writing produced by hand, as with a pen or pencil. [1/2 definitions]
longhand writing done by hand in which words are written out in full. (Cf. shorthand).
manual operated by hand. [1/5 definitions]
penman a person who copies text by hand; scribe. [1/3 definitions]
rocket launcher a weapon that is carried by hand or mounted on a vehicle and fires rockets, or a vehicle designed to carry a battery of such weapons.
snow blower a motorized snow-removal machine that is usu. guided by hand.
tapestry a piece of heavy fabric on which a design or representation has been woven with colored threads, usu. by hand, used as a wall hanging or for other decorative purposes. [1/3 definitions]
tote something used to carry by hand; tote bag. [1/2 definitions]
trolley (chiefly British) a basket-like container on wheels moved by hand to carry shopping items, luggage, or the like; cart. [1/7 definitions]
woodcarving the art or process of carving objects by hand out of wood. [1/2 definitions]