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hook to hold, hang, secure, or pull with or as with a hook. [5/19 definitions]
hook and eye a clothes-fastening device having a small metal hook, on one side of the opening, that attaches to a loop or small bar on the other side.
hook and ladder a fire engine carrying extension ladders, hooked tools, and other equipment; hook-and-ladder truck.
hooked curved or shaped like a hook. [3/4 definitions]
hook up to connect or fasten with a hook or hooks. [1/3 definitions]
lanyard a cord attached to a hook and used to fire cannon. [1/4 definitions]
peavey a heavy wooden lever that has a metal hook at the end, used in handling logs.
pothook a hook used to hang a pot or kettle over a fire, or a rod with a hook used to lift hot pots, irons, or the like, from a stove top or fire. [1/2 definitions]
Punch the hook-nosed, humpbacked husband of Judy in the Punch-and-Judy puppet show.
screw hook a screw with an elongated head in the shape of a hook.
tenterhook a hook or bent nail that holds cloth stretched on a framework.
unhook to remove from a hook or hooks. [2/3 definitions]