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lion a large carnivorous member of the cat family, native to Africa and parts of Asia, that has a short tan coat and, in the male, a heavy mane. [2/3 definitions]
longhair a breed of animal, esp. the domestic cat, with long fur. [1/5 definitions]
Maltese any of a breed of domestic cat that has short bluish gray fur; Maltese cat. [1/5 definitions]
Manx cat a short-haired domestic cat with either a rudimentary tail, or no tail at all.
margay a spotted cat of Central and South America that resembles an ocelot.
meow the characteristic sound made by a cat. [2 definitions]
mew1 a small cry made by a cat. [2 definitions]
mountain lion a large, powerful, tawny wild cat of the Western Hemisphere; cougar.
mouser an animal, esp. a cat, that catches mice.
ocelot a spotted wild cat of Central and South America, similar to but smaller than a leopard.
Persian see Persian cat. [1/5 definitions]
Persian cat any of a breed of domestic cat that was originally developed in Persia and the Middle East and that has long hair and a broad, round head.
puma a variety of large wild American cat; mountain lion; cougar.
purr to produce a soft, low, vibrating sound, as a contented cat. [2/4 definitions]
puss a cat (used affectionately).
pussy1 (informal) a cat or kitten (used affectionately). [1/3 definitions]
pussycat a cat or kitten (used affectionately).
pussyfoot to move softly and furtively, as a cat. [1/3 definitions]
ratter an animal, such as a cat or terrier, that is skilled at catching rats.
Russian blue a type of house cat having a soft bluish coat and green eyes.
shorthair any of several breeds of domestic cat with short fur.