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make amends to try to satisfy someone for offensive or injurious behavior, as with an apology.
musical chairs a children's game in which circling players try to sit in empty chairs when the music stops, with one player being eliminated each time until only one chair and two players remain for the final.
one-shot correct or successful on the first try. [1/4 definitions]
overcompensate in psychology, to try to correct a personal fault or personality defect by exaggerated antithetical behavior. [1/3 definitions]
overreach to try too hard. [1/6 definitions]
oversell to try too hard to sell or promote (something), often defeating one's purpose. [1/3 definitions]
palliate to try to cause (an offense) to seem less severe, as by apologies or excuses. [1/2 definitions]
piņata a colorful decorated container, often in the shape of a star, animal, or popular character, that is filled with candies, gifts, or other treats. The container is suspended in the air so that children, blindfolded, may try to break it open so that the treats may be gathered from the ground. The piņata is of Latin American origin.
play to the gallery to try to appeal to the broadest popular taste.
proselytize to convert or try actively to convert (others) to one's own beliefs or religion.
psychological moment the most propitious time to introduce or try something and gain acceptance for it.
puck in ice hockey, the hard rubber disk that players try to hit into the net for goals.
pull to bring or try to bring closer by taking hold of and exerting force. [2/16 definitions]
pump1 to try persistently or subtly to get (someone) to reveal information, gossip, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
push to try as hard as possible; continue despite difficulty or limitations. [1/13 definitions]
pushball a game in which two teams each try to push a large heavy ball, about six feet in diameter, across the other's goal. [1/2 definitions]
quoit (pl., used with a sing. verb) a game in which players try to toss metal or rope rings over or near a distant short metal stake. [1/2 definitions]
reach to try to grasp or touch something. [1/13 definitions]
retry combined form of try.
scramble to try with great energy to reach or gain something, or to avoid failing. [1/10 definitions]
scrum a rugby play in which the forward players of each team mass together around the ball and try to kick it to teammates in the rear. [1/2 definitions]