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nongenetic combined form of genetic.
nucleic acid any of a group of essential, complex acids comprising the genetic material of all living cells; DNA or RNA.
oligonucleotide a short molecule of DNA or RNA that is synthetically manufactured for research, genetic testing, or forensic analysis.
phenotype the observable traits of an individual or group, esp. as a function of genetic composition and environment. (Cf. genotype.) [1/2 definitions]
PKU a genetic disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize phenylaline, often causing mental retardation; phenylketonuria.
recombinant of, pertaining to, or produced by the artificial manipulation of genetic material.
recombinant DNA any DNA prepared by splicing DNA from one organism or species with genes of another, creating a new genetic makeup.
replication the process by which genetic material duplicates itself. [1/4 definitions]
retrovirus any of a group of related RNA viruses, such as those that cause leukemia and AIDS, in which a reversal of genetic transcription occurs, from RNA to DNA rather than from DNA to RNA.
sex-linked of a gene or genetic trait, carried on the chromosome that determines gender.
Social Darwinism a late-nineteenth-century social theory in which Darwinism is applied to the understanding of human society, as in the belief of the genetic superiority of some individuals or groups over others. [1/2 definitions]
sociobiology the scientific study of human and animal social behavior based on the theory that such behavior is genetic to some degree.
transcription the process by which genetic information is transferred to an RNA molecule that has been synthesized from DNA. [1/4 definitions]