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ocarina a small wind instrument that has a small mouthpiece and finger holes, is shaped somewhat like an elongated potato, and produces soft, hollow sounds.
overblow to play (a wind instrument) by blowing so as to sound higher overtones instead of the fundamental tone. [2/3 definitions]
recorder any of a family of flutelike wind instruments with eight holes and a whistlelike mouthpiece. [1/3 definitions]
sackbut a medieval wind instrument regarded as the predecessor of the trombone.
saxhorn any of a group of valved brass wind instruments, varying in range from soprano to bass, that are played esp. in bands.
saxophone any of several wind instruments that have a conical metal body, finger keys, and a mouthpiece with a single reed; alto, tenor, baritone, soprano, or bass saxophone.
shawm an early double-reed wind instrument, recognized as the forerunner of the oboe.
sousaphone a brass wind instrument of the tuba family that has a large movable bell and a tube that encircles the player's body, used esp. in marching bands.
tongue to articulate (notes played on a wind instrument) by moving the tongue in short strokes. [2/10 definitions]
tonguing the use of the tongue to stop the stream of air in playing a wind instrument, in order to articulate notes.
trombone a brass wind instrument consisting of a long tube bent in two parallel loops ending in a bell, that is played by means of valves or by a slide that shortens or lengthens the tube to produce different tones.
trumpet a brass wind instrument with three valves atop a looped tube that ends in a flared bell, which produces bright, strong, often piercing tones. [1/9 definitions]
tuba one of a family of large, oval, brass wind instruments that produce notes in the bass range.
wind1 (pl.) a group of wind instruments, as in an orchestra. [1/14 definitions]
woodwind any of a group of musical wind instruments, including clarinets, flutes, oboes, bassoons, and sometimes saxophones, that were originally made of wood. [1/2 definitions]