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plain not complicated or elaborate; without extra additions; simple. [1/8 definitions]
reticular very complicated or intricate. [1/3 definitions]
rigmarole a complicated, unnecessarily involved procedure or process. [1/2 definitions]
Rube Goldberg designating a very complicated mechanism contrived to perform a simple task.
snarl2 to make complicated; confuse (sometimes fol. by up). [2/5 definitions]
sophisticate to make more complicated or inclusive; refine. [1/3 definitions]
sophisticated very complicated or complex. [1/3 definitions]
tangle to involve in a complicated, confused, awkward, or unmanageable situation or undertaking; entangle. [2/7 definitions]
thicken to make or become more complicated or intense. [1/2 definitions]
uncomplicated combined form of complicated.
unsophisticated not complicated or refined; plain; simple. [1/2 definitions]
web a complicated design or scheme. [1/7 definitions]