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presettlement combined form of settlement.
quits having no grounds for hostility, dissatisfaction, or a further claim, as the result of a repayment or equitable settlement.
reckoning a settlement of disagreements, as by violent conflict. [1/4 definitions]
resettlement combined form of settlement.
riverfront the section of a settlement, such as a town or city, fronting on a river, esp. one with warehouses, markets, and other commercial enterprises.
Roanoke Island an island off the coast of North Carolina, where colonists brought by Sir Walter Raleigh established the first English settlement in North America in 1585.
surrogate a judge, in some states in the United States, who presides over the settlement of wills and estates. [1/4 definitions]
Wild West the western United States, unregulated by law during its settlement in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.