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activated carbon a form of very porous and thus very absorbent carbon, produced by heating charcoal so as to empty out contained gases, and used to absorb other gases, recover solvents, deodorize, and the like; activated charcoal.
bounce back to recover completely or quickly.
buck up (informal) to cause to recover one's morale or courage.
crusade (often cap.) any of the several attempts of medieval European Christians to recover and then defend the Holy Lands in and around Palestine from the Muslims. [1/4 definitions]
cure to cause to recover completely from an undesirable condition, such as a disease, disability, or bad habit. [1/7 definitions]
drag an implement for dragging the bottom of a body of water to recover objects. [1/13 definitions]
elastic a fabric that can be stretched but will recover its original shape, made by weaving in strands of rubber or a similar synthetic material. [1/5 definitions]
evict to recover (property or the like) by possessing a superior legal claim. [1/2 definitions]
find to come upon or recover after losing or searching for. [1/8 definitions]
get over to recover from.
irretrievable impossible to recover or repair.
New Deal the political and economic policies of the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, focusing primarily on helping the United States recover from the Great Depression.
perk1 to recover good spirits or energy (usu. fol. by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
rally1 to recover rapidly from or as if from weakness, illness, or loss; regain vigor or value. [1/12 definitions]
rebound to recover, as from a loss or depression. [1/5 definitions]
recapture to take or capture again; recover. [1/3 definitions]
reclaim to recover the use of (land areas) that can be drained, built up, or otherwise reconditioned. [2/5 definitions]
recoup to regain, or recover an equivalent in value of, (something lost, stolen, or damaged). [1/2 definitions]
recoverable combined form of recover.
recuperate to recover one's health after an illness. [1/4 definitions]
recycle to treat (discarded items) for reuse or so as to recover reusable materials. [1/3 definitions]