Reverse Word Search Lookup

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rock2 to affect strongly; move emotionally; shock; disturb. [1/9 definitions]
roil to disturb or anger; agitate. [1/3 definitions]
ruffle to disturb the smoothness or evenness of; agitate or ripple. [1/9 definitions]
shake to upset; agitate; disturb. [1/16 definitions]
tear2 to disrupt; disturb. [1/12 definitions]
trouble to disturb the calmness of; agitate. [1/14 definitions]
unbalance to disturb the functioning of; disorder or derange (the mind). [1/3 definitions]
unfix to unsettle, disturb, or disrupt. [1/2 definitions]
unsettle to agitate or disturb the mind or emotions of; make uneasy, uncertain, or the like; upset. [1/3 definitions]
violate to disturb. [1/4 definitions]