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skirl to produce shrill piercing tones, as of a bagpipe. [2 definitions]
squeak a brief, high, shrill sound or cry, as of an unoiled wheel or a very small animal. [1/4 definitions]
squeal a fairly long, loud, shrill sound or cry. [1/4 definitions]
strident unpleasantly intense, aggressive, or shrill. [1/2 definitions]
stridulate to produce a shrill grating, creaking, or chirping sound by rubbing certain parts of the body together, as some insects do.
treble high or shrill in pitch. [2/7 definitions]
whistle to make shrill high sounds by forcing air through a constricted opening such as pursed lips or a device. [2/10 definitions]
yap to bark with sharp, high, shrill sounds, as a dog does. [2/6 definitions]
zing to move swiftly with a sharp, shrill sound. [1/3 definitions]