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cackle the shrill, clucking noise that a hen makes, esp. after laying an egg. [1/5 definitions]
chirr to make a shrill buzzing or trilling sound, as certain insects. [2 definitions]
chirrup to make a short shrill sound, often repeatedly; chirp. [2 definitions]
cicada any of various large insects characterized by thin membranous wings and a shrill noise emitted by the male.
clarion clear and sharp or shrill, as a call. [1/3 definitions]
cricket1 any of various insects that are similar to grasshoppers in having long antennae and great leaping ability, the male of which produces a shrill chirp by rubbing its front wings together.
crow1 any of a number of shiny black birds noted for their shrill, harsh calls and for their scavenging.
earsplitting loud and shrill enough to be painful to the ears.
harvest fly any of several cicadas whose shrill noise is heard in late summer.
high-pitched of a sound, shrill or sharp; characterized by a high frequency. [1/4 definitions]
peep2 a weak, shrill, short sound, as of a young bird. [2/4 definitions]
piercing extremely loud and shrill. [1/3 definitions]
pipe1 to utter words or other sounds in a high, shrill manner. [2/13 definitions]
piping a high, shrill sound. [2/6 definitions]
reedy of a sound, thin, shrill, or piping. [1/2 definitions]
scream to make a shrill, piercing cry or sound. [3/6 definitions]
screech to make a harsh, shrill, grating cry or sound. [2/3 definitions]
sharp piercing to the sense of sound; shrill. [1/13 definitions]
shriek a loud shrill cry, such as the call of certain birds or a human outcry of fear, joy, or surprise. [2/4 definitions]
shrill to cry or utter with a shrill sound. [1/4 definitions]
skirl to produce shrill piercing tones, as of a bagpipe. [2 definitions]