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swim to seem to spin or move crazily. [1/10 definitions]
top2 a children's toy in the shape of a cone that is made to spin on its point.
trundle to cause to roll or spin. [1/6 definitions]
twirl to cause to spin or revolve quickly; rotate. [2/6 definitions]
weave of spiders and larvae, to spin (a web). [1/8 definitions]
whirl to revolve, spin, or move rapidly in a circular motion. [1/11 definitions]
yo-yo a hand-held toy made of two thickish, usu. wooden disks connected by a peg around which a string is tied, played by holding the other end of the string and moving the hand so as to cause the disk unit to roll up and down the string, and often to spin at the end of the string. [1/3 definitions]