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oatmeal meal made by grinding or rolling oats. [2 definitions]
ob- to; toward; before. [4 definitions]
Obadiah according to the Old Testament, a minor Hebrew prophet. [2 definitions]
obbligato not to be left out; obligatory (used of a musical part or accompaniment that is considered prominent but usu. ornamental). [2 definitions]
obdurate unpersuadable through logic, pity, or sentiment; unyielding. [2 definitions]
obedience the condition or quality of being dutiful and obedient. [2 definitions]
obedient obeying, or being willing to obey, rules, commands, or requests.
obeisance a gesture of the body, such as a bow, made to indicate respect or submission. [2 definitions]
obelisk a tall stone shaft with four inclined sides and a pyramid-shaped point at the top. [2 definitions]
Oberon in medieval English folklore and A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, the king of the fairies and the husband of Titania.
obese exceedingly and unhealthily overweight; corpulent.
obesity the condition of being obese.
obey to follow or carry out the command, instruction, or wishes of (someone). [4 definitions]
obfuscate to make (something) seem or be difficult to understand; obscure or darken. [2 definitions]
OB-GYN abbreviation of "obstetrics-gynecology." [2 definitions]
obi a wide sash worn at the waist over a Japanese kimono.
Obie any of several drama awards given annually in the United States.
obit (informal) a published notice of a person's death; obituary.
obiter dictum an incidental or supplementary judicial opinion that is not legally binding. [2 definitions]
obituary a printed announcement of a person's death, usu. including a brief biography and information about funeral arrangements.
obj. abbreviation of "object." [2 definitions]