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Word part Type Origin Definition
grat root Latin pleasing
grav root Latin heavy
greg root Latin flock, gathering
gress root Latin to walk, go
gust root Latin taste
gyn, gyno, gyne, gynec, gyneco root Greek woman, female
gyr, gyro root Greek circle
hab, hib root Latin hold, have
hect, hecto, hecat root Greek hundred
heli, helio root Greek sun
helic, helico root Greek spiral, circular
hem, hemo, hemat, hemato, hema, -emia, -aemia root Greek blood; blood condition
hemi- prefix Greek half, partly
hepat, hepato root Greek liver
hept, hepta root Greek seven
her, hes root Latin stick
hetero root Greek different, other
hexa, hex root Greek six
hom root Latin man, human
homo, homeo, omal root Greek one, same
-hood noun-forming suffix Old English 1. state, condition; 2.the whole group of