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WILD has a new look! And now with more animations and illustrations, new geographical feature maps, and an improved navigation system, the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary has even more to love! In addition, we added new words related to illness and infection so that educators may get the help they need to talk about the difficult topic of Covid-19 with their young K-to-2 students. (Read more...)
Our new educational game app - WILD WORD LEARNER - is now available to play with 183 wordlists from WILD spread over 12 great topics.
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Great support for teachers. Whether you are a classroom teacher, school administrator, or home-school parent, you’ll find our Educational Group Subscription has the best resources for vocabulary study. Subscribe now to create a unique school URL to share with all of your students!

One subscription covers all Wordsmyth dictionaries and vocabulary tools for K-12 schools. Financial aid is available for Title I schools in the U.S. (Read more...)
The beta version of our Teacher Tools is free for all users during the school year of 2021-2022. Set it up to use with your class now! Read our user guide to learn more about Teacher Tools.
Updated Children's dictionary. The Word Explorer Children's Dictionary has been updated. Hundreds of headwords and new images have been added to keep our dictionary data up-to-date with school curriculum as well as with events happening in the world. And don’t forget that you can access Spanish support and Chinese support for both words and example sentences on our Children’s Dictionary app as well as on our website. (Read more...)
New App! Wordsmyth's Comprehensive Dictionary has a companion app - Wordsmyth Student & ELL Dictionary - available for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides for a better user experience on mobile devices and is accessible with or without the internet. Access to three dictionary levels from one headword lookup supports students and English language learners of all ages and all levels. (Read more...)