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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: designs, designing, designed
definition 1: to make or draw plans for, esp. the structure or form of.
The government is attempting to design a new welfare system.She designed all the costumes for the play.The architect who designed the museum also designed the city hall.
engineer, map out, plan
similar words:
block out, blueprint, devise, draft, forge, formulate, frame, outline, plot, project, scheme, shape, sketch, style
definition 2: to conceive; invent.
They designed a plan to increase business traffic in the downtown area.
conceive, dream up, formulate, invent
similar words:
coin, contrive, create, form, hatch, innovate, originate, plan, project, scheme
definition 3: to intend for a specific goal or purpose.
The program was designed to educate the public.
earmark, intend, target
similar words:
aim at, calculate, reserve
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to create plans or designs.
contrive, devise, plan
similar words:
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a plan or outline showing how something is to be built or carried out, or the resulting set of features of a plan or outline in the finished product.
The architect showed us his designs for the new office building.The design of the new air conditioners makes them more efficient and easier to install, but some people don't like how they look.
blueprint, draft, layout, plan, program, scheme, strategy
similar words:
agenda, architecture, diagram, map, outline, schematic, sketch
definition 2: an artistic rendering; drawing.
She looked at many dress designs before going to stores to look for a wedding dress.The artist showed his newest and best designs to the advertising executive in the hope of being hired.
drawing, picture
similar words:
painting, portrayal, sketch
definition 3: a pattern or consciously conceived arrangement of elements.
The curtains have a floral design across the top.The design of the living room is attractive and also makes it easy for people to talk to each other.
similar words:
architecture, decoration, detail, fashion, figure, lay, layout, motif, print, shape, style
definition 4: the art of creating drawings.
He is studying design at the art institute.
similar words:
art, drawing, fashion, graphic arts, graphics, painting
definition 5: end; purpose.
The town council's design had been to improve conditions in the neighborhoods.
aim, goal, intention, objective, purport, purpose
similar words:
ambition, aspiration, desire, destination, dream, end, hope, mark, reason, target, wish
definition 6: (often pl.) scheme or plot.
Marrying her was all part of his design to obtain wealth and power.
intentions, plan, plot, scheme
similar words:
cabal, tactic
definition 7: purposeful intention, real or inferred, to which the nature of events or things can be attributed.
We found each other and fell in love, as if by some design.
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