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dih spleI
parts of speech:
transitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: displays, displaying, displayed
definition 1: to cause to be seen; show; exhibit.
The gallery displays the works of two or three painters each month.He bought a glass case to display his stamp collection.
exhibit, present, show
similar words:
expose, manifest
definition 2: to reveal.
His answer to the question displayed his ignorance of the subject.They displayed no interest in my idea.
demonstrate, disclose, reveal, show, uncover
similar words:
evidence, exhibit, expose, manifest, prove, reflect, write
definition 3: to open to view with ostentation or showiness; flaunt.
Some rich people display their wealth by throwing lavish parties.
flaunt, flourish, parade
similar words:
show off, vaunt
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act or instance of displaying.
We had never seen such a display of anger from her.
exhibit, exhibition, presentation, show, showing
similar words:
apparition, demonstration, exposition, flash, flaunt, flourish, manifestation, revelation
definition 2: anything displayed or brought forth for viewing.
This display with the various charts makes the information easier to comprehend.Their company had one of the most popular displays at the convention.
array, exhibition
similar words:
airing, demonstration, exhibit, exposition, parade, presentation, show
definition 3: an instance of behavior that calls attention to itself.
He put on quite a display down at the police station.
similar words:
apparition, demonstration, flourish, ostentation, performance, presentation, scene, show
definition 4: a careful arrangement of items for viewing, esp. items for sale, as in a shop window.
We looked over the display of jewelry in the shop window.
parade, window dressing
similar words:
definition 5: in computers, the screen on which data is displayed, or the data itself as it appears to the user on the screen.
Please follow the instructions you see on the display.
similar words:
data, monitor, screen
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