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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a part of any whole.
Fresh garlic is a key element of this dish.The first element of her speech concerned the need for reforms.Selfishness is an element of human nature.
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component, constituent, ingredient
composite, compound
similar words:
aspect, extract, feature, member, part, particular, piece, portion, section
definition 2: a fundamental principle of something.
The textbook gives an introduction to the elements of calculus.
basic, fundamental, principle
similar words:
ABC's, alphabet, basis, essence, foundation, rudiment
definition 3: a compatible environment.
When he paints, he is in his element.
domain, medium
similar words:
environment, habitat, milieu, realm, sphere
definition 4: a natural environment.
Water is the element of fish.
habitat, medium
similar words:
domain, environment
definition 5: any of the substances, now numbering 118, that, being made up of only one type of atom, cannot be chemically separated into simpler substances.
Some of the more well-known elements are lead, zinc, hydrogen, and gold.
definition 6: (pl.) the atmospheric conditions that constitute the weather.
You'll have to brave the elements if you go out today.Some of these Arctic explorers became victims of the elements.
similar words:
climate, weather
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