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fid baek
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the returning of opinions, corrections, or other evaluative information after exposure to a product, process, or event.
There was a great deal of feedback from customers about the new product, and most of the response was positive.
similar words:
reaction, response
definition 2: the evaluation or evaluations thus returned.
The students' feedback contained several complaints concerning the textbook.
similar words:
evaluation, opinion, response
definition 3: the return of information about the functioning of a machine process, so that the process may be automatically regulated.
definition 4: the information thus returned.
definition 5: in electronics, the return of part of the output of a device or system to the input, so as to reinforce or modify the input.
definition 6: in an audio system, a whistling or screeching noise made when the output signal is picked up at the input.
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