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fIg yr
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
figure out
grammatical pattern:
verb + that, IT + verb + that
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a number or other written symbol other than a letter of the alphabet.
You must include additional figures, such as & and %, in your password.The instructor wrote the figures 3, 5, and 7 on the board.
number, numeral
similar words:
character, cipher, digit, sign, symbol
definition 2: a numerical value or amount.
The figures in this column represent your expenditures.
amount, count, number, sum, total
similar words:
aggregate, calculation, cost, price, quotation, rate, value
definition 3: the form or outline of something; shape of something indistinct.
They saw only a figure in the darkness.
form, shape
similar words:
outline, silhouette
definition 4: the shape of a human body.
She has the lithe figure of a gymnast.The artist didn't feel he was very talented at drawing figures.
similar words:
body, build, cut, frame, physique
definition 5: a crafted representation, such as a sculpture of a human, animal, or other form.
The tour guide pointed out the figures that stood out from the exterior walls of the cathedral.
similar words:
bust, carving, cast, effigy, figurine, icon, image, mold, representation, statue
definition 6: a person of note.
A senator is a public figure, and the press are naturally interested in his or her activities.
notable, personage, personality, worthy
similar words:
character, dignitary, name, somebody
definition 7: person, animal, or thing that is a symbol for something.
emblem, symbol
similar words:
icon, metaphor, representation
definition 8: a pictorial pattern.
The skater traced a figure in the ice.
design, pattern
similar words:
device, motif, outline, shape
definition 9: (pl.) arithmetic.
I've never been good at figures.
arithmetic, mathematics
similar words:
calculation, computation, statistics, sums
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: figures, figuring, figured
definition 1: to calculate numerically.
I've figured the cost of a vacation in Greece, and I think we can afford it.
calculate, cipher, compute, count, reckon
similar words:
add up, enumerate, estimate, number, numerate, sum up, tot up, total
definition 2: to depict pictorially.
depict, draw, portray
similar words:
delineate, image, limn, outline, picture, reckon, sketch, trace
definition 3: to adorn with a pattern.
adorn, ornament, pattern
similar words:
bedeck, embellish
definition 4: (informal) to believe or conclude after consideration.
When she didn't arrive at 6:00, they figured that her plane had been delayed.[verb + that ] He figured that they would find out eventually, so he decided to tell them.[verb + that ]
believe, conclude, reckon
similar words:
assume, conjecture, guess, imagine, judge, reason, suppose, surmise, think
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to work with numerical figures; calculate.
calculate, cipher, compute, reckon
similar words:
tot up, total
definition 2: to appear, be involved, or be relevant.
The thief had figured in many of the recent robberies.
similar words:
appear, count, engage in, participate
definition 3: to make sense or be logical.
From what the two witnesses said, it figures that the suspect is telling the truth.[IT + verb + that ] He's late again. It figures!
similar words:
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phrase: figure out
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  body, mathematics, measure, number, think
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