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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
catch fire, play with fire, set fire to, build a fire under, on fire, make a fire, fire up
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the effects, such as heat, light, and flames, produced by burning.
Part of the forest was damaged by fire last summer.I've been afraid of fire since childhood.
similar words:
burn, burning, combustion, energy, glow, heat, illumination, incandescence, light, radiance, spark, sparkle
definition 2: a particular burning, as in a stove, furnace, or other place designed for burning.
The fire crackled in the fireplace.We made a fire and cooked the fish we'd caught.It's cold; I'll put some more wood on the fire.Put out the fire before you go to bed.
similar words:
blaze, bonfire, burn, burning
definition 3: an instance of destructive burning.
There was a fire at the library last night.Do they know what started the fire?
similar words:
burn, burning, conflagration, flare-up, holocaust, inferno, wildfire
definition 4: passion or imaginative excitement.
the fire of her poetry
ardor, fervor, heat, passion
similar words:
enthusiasm, imagination, intensity, power, verve
definition 5: a severe trial.
ordeal, trial
similar words:
affliction, torture, trouble
definition 6: the discharging of a weapon or weapons.
The burial ended with a fire of guns in salute.
discharge, shot
similar words:
barrage, cannonade, enfilade, flak, fusillade, gunfire, salvo, volley
definition 7: (chiefly British) a device, powered by gas or electricity, used to heat a room.
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phrase: catch fire
phrase: play with fire
phrase: set fire to
phrase: build a fire under
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: fires, firing, fired
definition 1: to shoot or launch (a weapon, rocket, or the like).
The soldiers were ordered to fire their guns.Rockets were being fired by the enemy.
discharge, shoot
similar words:
fusillade, gun, volley
definition 2: to apply intense heat to, as in a kiln.
He fired the clay pots.
bake, kiln
similar words:
heat, smelt
definition 3: to dismiss from a position of employment.
His supervisor fired him for doing shoddy work.
ax, boot, can, discharge, dismiss, sack, terminate
similar words:
cashier, dump, oust, remove
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to start to burn; become ignited.
All of the spark plugs are firing.
enkindle, ignite, kindle, light
similar words:
blaze, catch, spark, strike
definition 2: to become excited or impassioned.
similar words:
flame, glow, heat, kindle, thrill
definition 3: to discharge a firearm.
She fired directly at the target.
discharge, shoot
similar words:
blaze, gun, loose, open up, pop, volley
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phrase: on fire
phrase: make a fire
phrase: fire up
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