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aen tI s peIt
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: anticipates, anticipating, anticipated
definition 1: to look forward to; expect.
We anticipated a pleasant outing in the country.The children always anticipate a present from their father when he returns from a trip.She anticipated being blissfully happy in her marriage, but she was disappointed.[verb + gerund ]
count on, expect, reckon on
similar words:
await, bargain for, contemplate, envisage, envision, forecast, foresee, hope, look for, predict, trust, wait
definition 2: to expect and prepare for in advance.
We anticipated the enemy's attack.I anticipated that you would need these documents, so I have them here for you.[verb + (that) + clause ] He anticipated their wanting to pay for dinner, so he secretly told the waiter to give him the check.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ]
similar words:
envision, expect, foresee, forestall, predict
definition 3: to accomplish or fulfill in advance.
You're lucky to have someone caring for you who anticipates your wishes.
similar words:
accomplish, fulfill, satisfy
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