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gro tesk
parts of speech:
adjective, noun
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: unnatural, distorted, or ugly in character or appearance.
The grotesque, headless monster had the body of a man covered with the hair of a tarantula.The soldier hid his burned face, believing his wife would find it grotesque.
distorted, misshapen
similar words:
bizarre, hideous, ugly, unnatural
definition 2: fantastic or unnatural in the design or combination of forms, as in artwork combining incongruous human and animal features.
similar words:
bizarre, fantastic, outlandish, preposterous, unnatural
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: one that is grotesque.
similar words:
freak, gargoyle
definition 2: an art style of sixteenth-century Italy that employed grotesque designs and forms.
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derivations: grotesquely (adv.), grotesqueness (n.)
Word History
Grotesque comes from grotta, an early Italian word for "cave." English speakers first used the word "grotesque" to describe the weird paintings of humans and animals found on the basement walls of Roman ruins.