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haI r ar ki
Word Combinations (noun), Word Parts
part of speech: noun
inflections: hierarchies
definition 1: a body of persons or entities graded according to rank or level of authority.
The animal groups and individual animals were listed in a hierarchy, with the largest group at the top, the smaller subgroups under that, and the individual animals at the bottom.An admiral ranks at the top of the naval hierarchy.
definition 2: a series that is graded or ranked.
I listed my goals in a hierarchy from most important to least important.
definition 3: an elite group that governs.
These decisions are made by the government hierarchy and not the people.Because of the shuffle in the hierarchy, he is no longer in a position of power.
definition 4: a group of ecclesiastical officials in successive rank.
A bishop is subordinate to a cardinal in the church hierarchy.
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