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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the place where one lives or dwells.
I'd like the package sent to my home.The forest is home to many animals.
abode, address, domicile, dwelling, place, residence
similar words:
accommodation, habitat, habitation, homestead, house, lodging, nest, quarter, roost
definition 2: the physical structure of a residence; house or apartment.
Many new homes are being built in this area.
apartment, cabin, condo, condominium, house, mansion, mobile home, palace, shanty, tenement, town house
similar words:
bungalow, camper, cottage, hovel, hut, motor home, shack
definition 3: one's environment while growing up or one's current living situation in terms of its emotional and psychological effects.
The boy came from an unhappy home.She grew up in a home that supported education.The fights with his wife made his home a nightmare.
fireside, hearth
similar words:
bosom, circle, household, nest, place, roost
definition 4: the nation, country, or locality where one resides or where one was raised.
He was lonely abroad and longed for home.
country, fatherland, homeland, hometown, motherland
similar words:
birthplace, land, locality, nation
definition 5: an institution where orphaned or disabled people live and are provided with any necessary supervision and care.
Modern group homes encourage residents to lead independent lives to the degree that they are able.
asylum, hospice
similar words:
institution, mission, nursing home, poorhouse, rest home, sanitarium, shelter
definition 6: any place where one feels secure or at peace.
The dormitory did not feel like home to her.
fireside, hearth
similar words:
bosom, den, element, habitat, hangout, haven, refuge, retreat, roost, sanctum, shelter
definition 7: in baseball, home plate.
He ran to home as fast as he could.
home plate
similar words:
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of one's home.
The store sells both office furniture and home furniture.They're lucky to have a happy home life.
domestic, homey, household
similar words:
down-home, homegrown, homemade, indigenous, native
definition 2: pertaining to the center, headquarters, or source of a business or organization.
The company's home office is located in Boston.
central, main
similar words:
head, primary
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: to or in the direction of home; homeward.
It was late, so we took a taxi home.
similar words:
indoors, within
definition 2: in the direction pointed to or aimed at.
His bullet struck home.
definition 3: to the heart of the matter.
Her point hit home for the audience.
to the core
similar words:
deeply, profoundly
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: homes, homing, homed
definition 1: to go home; return home.
similar words:
anchor, dwell, retreat, roost, settle, shelter, take root
definition 2: of missiles or rockets, to proceed automatically toward a target.
similar words:
focus, ground, head, point
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to aim automatically toward a target or destination.
fix, point, sight, target, train
similar words:
aim, focus, head, locate, pinpoint, position, set
definition 2: to provide with a home.
domicile, house, lodge, quarter
similar words:
billet, shelter
Word Builder: home +
  • homeless:
    having no home.
  • homemade:
    made at home, not in a factory.
  • homeroom:
    the classroom where you meet in the morning so the teacher can take attendance.
  • homesick:
    feeling sad because you are away from you home and family.
  • homework:
    work for school that you do at home.
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