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parts of speech:
noun, adverb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the place where a person or animal lives.
I went home and went to bed.The forest is home to many animals.
address, dwelling, place, residence
similar words:
house, lodging, nest, quarter
definition 2: a place where people who cannot take care of themselves live and are cared for.
Our town has a group home for children who have no parents.
similar words:
institution, shelter
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part of speech: adverb
definition: to or toward the place where you live.
I take the bus home after work.
similar words:
Word Builder: home +
  • homeless:
    having no home.
  • homemade:
    made at home, not in a factory.
  • homeroom:
    the classroom where you meet in the morning so the teacher can take attendance.
  • homesick:
    feeling sad because you are away from you home and family.
  • homework:
    work for school that you do at home.
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animal homes
broader category that includes homes
similar to home
some activities associated with a homes
some kinds of homes
some parts of a home
some people associated with a home
some sections of homes
some tools used in making homes