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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
clean house, keep house, on the house
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: haUs
definition 1: a building, usually with one set of connecting rooms, designed to be lived in by one family or one group of people, or a building that resembles this.
Each house on this street seems to have a beautiful garden.
abode, domicile, dwelling, home, residence
similar words:
address, habitation, lodging, place
definition 2: the people who live in such a building; household.
The whole house was awakened by the noise.
family, household, ménage
similar words:
definition 3: a building that serves a particular function.
The old movie house was finally torn down.There are several houses of worship downtown.
similar words:
auditorium, building, hall, place
definition 4: a place of shelter for animals.
We're putting up a new hen house.
similar words:
barn, coop, cote, shelter, stall
definition 5: a legislative or other deliberative body.
The house is in session for six months a year.
similar words:
congress, council, legislature, parliament, senate
definition 6: a building where such a body meets.
definition 7: (cap.) shortened form of "House of Representatives," the lower legislative house in many bicameral governing bodies, as in the U.S. Congress, most U.S. states, and many nations, such as Australia and New Zealand.
The House has passed the bill, but it's not certain whether it will pass in the Senate.
definition 8: the audience at a public event.
The house erupted in laughter during the opening scene of the movie.
similar words:
public, spectators, theater
definition 9: a business firm.
There were more profits for the house last year.
business, company, concern, enterprise
similar words:
corporation, establishment, firm
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phrase: clean house, on the house
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: haUz
inflections: houses, housing, housed
definition 1: to provide accommodation or living quarters for.
The university houses the first-year students on campus.The animals are housed in a barn.
billet, lodge
similar words:
accommodate, domicile, home, quarter
definition 2: to harbor or give shelter to.
One who housed a runaway slave could suffer severe punishment.
similar words:
home, lodge, shelter
definition 3: to provide storage room for.
This closet houses the washing machine and dryer.
similar words:
accommodate, garage, keep, shelter, store
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: haUz
definition: to reside; dwell.
She housed with some friends until she found a place of her own.
dwell, reside
similar words:
billet, lodge, tenant
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phrase: keep house
Word Builder: house +
  • housewares:
    things used in the kitchen of a house, such as utensils.
  • housewife:
    a woman who does not work outside of the home.
  • housework:
    the work of keeping a house clean and safe.
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