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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
clean house, on the house
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: haUs
definition 1: a building, usually with one set of connecting rooms, designed to be lived in by one family or one group of people, or a building that resembles this.
Each house on this street seems to have a beautiful garden.
abode, domicile, dwelling, home, residence
similar words:
address, habitation, lodging, place
definition 2: the people who live in such a building; household.
The whole house was awakened by the noise.
family, household, ménage
similar words:
definition 3: a building that serves a particular function.
The old movie house was finally torn down.There are several houses of worship downtown.
similar words:
auditorium, building, hall, place
definition 4: a place of shelter for animals.
We're putting up a new hen house.
similar words:
barn, coop, cote, shelter, stall
definition 5: a legislative or other deliberative body.
The house is in session for six months a year.
similar words:
congress, council, legislature, parliament, senate
definition 6: a building where such a body meets.
similar words:
definition 7: the audience at a public event.
The house erupted in laughter during the opening scene of the movie.
similar words:
public, spectators, theater
definition 8: a business firm.
There were more profits for the house last year.
business, company, concern, enterprise
similar words:
corporation, establishment, firm
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phrase: clean house
phrase: on the house
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: haUz
inflections: houses, housing, housed
definition 1: to provide accommodation or living quarters for.
The university houses the first-year students on campus.The animals are housed in a barn.
billet, lodge
similar words:
accommodate, domicile, home, quarter
definition 2: to harbor or give shelter to.
One who housed a runaway slave could suffer severe punishment.
similar words:
home, lodge, shelter
definition 3: to provide storage room for.
This closet houses the washing machine and dryer.
similar words:
accommodate, garage, keep, shelter, store
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: haUz
definition: to reside; dwell.
She housed with some friends until she found a place of her own.
dwell, reside
similar words:
billet, lodge, tenant
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Word Builder: house +
  • housewares:
    things used in the kitchen of a house, such as utensils.
  • housewife:
    a woman who does not work outside of the home.
  • housework:
    the work of keeping a house clean and safe.
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  building, furniture, home, law, tree, weather