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aI di
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: anything existing in the mind as a product of mental activity or awareness, such as a conception or image.
A lot of ideas came to me as I was reading the article.She laughed out loud at the funny idea she had in her mind.
concept, image, notion, thought
similar words:
apperception, appraisal, attitude, estimate, impression, insight, point of view, reaction
definition 2: a theory, opinion, or conviction.
Tell us your ideas about how we should approach this matter.His idea of what is entertaining is completely different from mine.
belief, conviction, judgment, opinion, point of view, standpoint, theory, view
similar words:
concept, estimation, notion, outlook, perspective, sentiment, understanding
definition 3: a plan; intention.
He wanted to see that his idea was being carried out properly.She always had ideas of becoming a writer.
conception, intention, plan, thought
similar words:
aim, goal, notion
definition 4: a general impression of a conception, action, or situation.
I'll give you an idea of what it looked like.
approximation, estimate, image, impression, picture
similar words:
description, glance, glimpse, look, once-over, outline, overview, recollection, summary, survey
definition 5: a vague or intuitive belief.
I had an idea that you would ask me to do that.She had no idea that he was planning a surprise for her.
feeling, hint, impression, inkling, intimation, suggestion
similar words:
belief, clue, concept, guess, implication, indication, notion, speculation, supposition, suspicion
definition 6: an impulsive plan; notion; fancy.
Who had the idea of jumping into the lake at this time of night?
caprice, fancy, notion, whim
similar words:
brainstorm, conceit, crotchet, inspiration, whimsy
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