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In flu ns
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the power or intangible action of one thing or person which brings about an effect on another.
Her friends had a lot of influence on her decision to go into acting.We can see the influence of Picasso in this artist's works.The ideas of Karl Marx had a strong influence on him as a youth.The driver of the car was under the influence of alcohol.She was afraid that her son would fall under the influence of drug-using friends.
power, pull, sway
similar words:
cause, clout, control, effect, force, hold, impact, leverage, magnetism, mastery, potency, pressure, strength, weight
definition 2: a thing or person that exerts such action.
She had always been a major influence in her younger sister's life.The works of the French impressionists were his early influences.
similar words:
authority, cause, control, inducement, potency
definition 3: corrupt use of personal connections to sway someone in a position of authority.
He used his influence to get his son the job.
similar words:
clout, control, leverage, manipulation, power, pull, sway
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: influences, influencing, influenced
definition: to have influence on; sway.
His friends influenced him to take up soccer.Her arguments failed to influence her son's decision.
affect, induce, sway
similar words:
bend, bias, carry, carry weight, color, control, dispose, govern, guide, incline, lobby, mold, move, persuade, prompt, swing, touch
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derivations: influenced (adj.), influencer (n.)
Word History
The words influence and influenza both had their beginnings in a Latin word that meant "to flow in." In Roman times, the Latin word was often used for the effects the stars had on human affairs. The belief that the position of the stars could bring about good or evil events continued into the Renaissance period in Britain and western Europe. The flu was thought to be caused by a bad influence from the stars.
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