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parts of speech:
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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: ihn vuhrs [or] In vuhrs
definition 1: opposite or reversed in position, order, direction, nature, or effect.
It's certainly true that he loves her, but the inverse statement--that she loves him--is, unfortunately, not true at all.The main portion of the wallpaper is white with blue stripes, but the border has the inverse pattern: blue with white stripes.
similar words:
backward, reverse
definition 2: in mathematics, designating a value that increases or decreases in direct and opposite proportion to the change in another value.
The two terms are in inverse proportion since the one increases as the other decreases.
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: In vuhrs [or] ihn vuhrs
definition: something that is opposite or inverse, as in order, nature, or effect.
When metal becomes hot, it expands; when metal cools, the inverse happens.
similar words:
antithesis, reverse
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