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I shu
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
at issue
Word Combinations (noun, verb)
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or process of sending or coming from a particular source.
They were able to stop the issue of fluid from the wound.The issue of pollutants from the factory into the stream has caused the death of most of the fish.
discharge, effusion, emanation, emission, flow, outflow, outpouring, stream
similar words:
egress, eruption, gush, leak, outburst
definition 2: that which is sent out, published, or produced.
The April issue of the magazine had an article about planting bulbs.
installment, publication
similar words:
journal, magazine, newspaper, periodical, serial
definition 3: a point or matter that is of concern, in question, or under discussion.
The citizens discussed various issues at the town meeting.The issue of whether or not to build a new stadium was hotly debated.
concern, matter, point, question
similar words:
bit, business, consideration, focus, subject, topic, upshot
definition 4: the outcome or result of a proceeding.
Do we know the issue of the contest yet?
consequence, end, outcome, result
similar words:
aftermath, conclusion, effect, offspring, progeny, upshot
definition 5: offspring; children.
The crown prince and his wife had been married for four years without issue.
children, descendants, offspring, progeny, scions
similar words:
child, heirs, offshoot, posterity
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phrase: at issue
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: issues, issuing, issued
definition 1: to cause to flow, move, or go out.
The factory issued its waste into the river.Rockets were issued into the skies.
discharge, dispense, emanate, emit, exude, hurl, propel, send out, shoot, sling, throw
similar words:
distribute, furnish, give, move, provide, stream, supply
definition 2: to give out, publish, circulate, or produce.
A new edition of the book was issued by the publishers in August.The city will begin issuing parking permits for the new lot next week.The government issued new five-dollar bills.The prime minister will issue a statement later today.The police officer issued the young driver a ticket.
circulate, manufacture, produce, publish
similar words:
disseminate, distribute, print, run
definition 3: to distribute (food or supplies) to military personnel.
Each soldier was issued a weapon.
similar words:
distribute, furnish, provide, ration, supply
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to flow or go out.
Blood issued from the wounds.
emanate, exude, flow, ooze, pour
similar words:
bleed, discharge, erupt, escape, gush, spout
definition 2: to come out or circulate.
A rumor issued that another attack was likely.
circulate, come out, publish
similar words:
arrive, emanate
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derivation: issuer (n.)