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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: jams, jamming, jammed
definition 1: to force or pack tightly into a small space.
He jammed a peg in the hole.She jammed the books in a box.
cram, ram, squeeze, wedge
similar words:
crowd, force, impact, pack, sandwich, stick, stuff
definition 2: to push or apply forcefully and suddenly.
She jammed the accelerator down.He jammed his shoulder against the door.
ram, slam, thrust
similar words:
force, press, push
definition 3: to disable by causing a part to stick, catch, or slip.
He jammed the gear shift.
similar words:
break, disable
definition 4: to fill up or block.
Ice jammed the stream.
block, obstruct
similar words:
clog, crowd, foul, plug, throng
definition 5: to interfere with the reception of (radio signals or the like).
They jammed their enemy's broadcast.
similar words:
block, distort
definition 6: to injure by violent pressure.
She jammed her hand in the wringer.
similar words:
hurt, injure, mash, sprain
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to malfunction or be blocked.
Part of the plane's landing geared jammed, but the pilot was able to crash-land safely.
similar words:
foul, lock, stick
definition 2: to force oneself into a very small or crowded place.
They jammed into my car.
similar words:
squeeze, stuff, wedge
definition 3: to participate in an informal and improvisational session of music playing, esp. of jazz or rock-'n'-roll.
similar words:
improvise, play
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act or instance of jamming.
similar words:
crush, jam session, squeeze
definition 2: a large gathering or mass that slows or prevents movement.
an ice jam
similar words:
bottleneck, mass, stoppage, throng, tie-up
definition 3: (informal) a difficulty or embarrassment not easily resolved; trouble or predicament.
I'm in a jam at work.
fix, pickle, predicament, spot
similar words:
bind, difficulty, dilemma, mess, plight, tangle
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derivation: jammer (n.)
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  • jammed:
    blocking the movement or flow of something through a tight space.