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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: arranges, arranging, arranged
definition 1: to put in a desired order or configuration.
We arranged the books according to their size.They arranged the furniture so that it would be convenient for both talking and watching television.She arranged the papers on her desk.
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array, collocate, dispose, marshal, order, organize, range, set up
derange, disarrange
similar words:
assort, categorize, class, classify, codify, collate, coordinate, grade, group, lay, make, methodize, position, rank, set, sort, straighten, structure, systematize, tabulate, tidy
definition 2: to make plans for; prepare.
The couple will arrange the wedding reception themselves.Her administrative assistant arranged the meeting for next week.
line up, plan, prepare, prime, ready, set up
similar words:
contrive, design, devise, fix, form, make, organize, prearrange, predetermine, premeditate, program
definition 3: to adapt (a piece of music) for a particular style of performance or for particular players.
She arranged the violin piece for the piano.The school orchestra plays classical pieces that are arranged for younger players.
adapt, orchestrate, score
similar words:
compose, set
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to plan or do what is necessary in order to bring something about (often fol. by "for").
She arranged for flowers to be sent to the funeral home.[verb + for smby/smth + infinitive ] They arranged to see each other again the following week.[verb + infinitive ] The White House staff arranged that the meeting be held with the Prime Minister at ten o'clock.[verb + (that) + subjunctive clause ]
contrive, devise, plan, prepare
similar words:
design, premeditate
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derivation: arranger (n.)
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