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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
keep a secret, keep at, keep in mind, keep on, keep track, keep up
Word Combinations (verb, noun), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: keeps, keeping, kept
definition 1: to hold or retain possession of.
You should keep a copy of this document for your records.I'd like you to keep the necklace because it looks beautiful on you.
have, hold, possess, retain
abandon, discard, jettison, lose, reject, relinquish, return, scrap, throw away
definition 2: to put or store.
She keeps her notes in a locked drawer.
similar words:
bank, cache, collect, hoard, pigeonhole, place, put
definition 3: to manage, maintain, attend to, or take care of.
He keeps tropical fish.
attend, maintain, take care of
similar words:
guard, manage, mind, preserve, protect, supervise, sustain, tend, watch
definition 4: to cause (someone or something) to remain in a certain state or position.
I kept the meal warm for you.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] Please keep the dog outside for a few minutes.
similar words:
check, control, curb, detain, hold, leave, limit, maintain, stay
definition 5: to stay in, at, or on.
Keep your seats, please.
similar words:
hold, retain, stay
definition 6: to have on hand or in supply.
I always keep extra batteries in the house.
carry, have, hold, stock, store
similar words:
accumulate, furnish, hoard, provide, reserve, supply
definition 7: to maintain responsibility for; be faithful to.
He kept his promise to me.
abide by, comply with, obey, observe
break, neglect
similar words:
conform to, mind
definition 8: prevent.
His long illness kept him from finishing school.
definition 9: to delay.
He's so late. I wonder what's keeping him.
definition 10: to cause (someone or something) to continue doing something.
The police officer kept the suspect talking while the phone call was being traced.[verb + smby/smth + present participle ] The paint keeps the furniture looking nice.[verb + smby/smth + present participle ]
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to continue; persist in.
The dog kept barking all night.I keep trying to lose weight, but it's hard.Why do you keep asking the same question?I told him to stop scratching, but he keeps doing it.
similar words:
continue, hold, persevere
definition 2: to refrain.
He can't keep from lying.
cease, desist, forbear, refrain, stop
similar words:
definition 3: to remain in good condition.
The meat will keep until tomorrow.
similar words:
remain, stay, store
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phrase: keep at, keep in mind, keep on, keep track, keep up
part of speech: noun
definition: means of support; living.
How do you earn your keep?
livelihood, living, maintenance, subsistence
similar words:
support, sustenance, upkeep
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phrase: keep a secret
derivation: kept (adj.)