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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
leave behind, leave off, leave over
Word Combinations (verb), Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: leaves, leaving, left
definition 1: to depart or go away from.
She's leaving London today and returning to New York.He begged his wife not to leave him.
depart, exit, quit
approach, enter, resume
similar words:
abandon, evacuate, vacate
definition 2: to depart from or refrain from interfering with in order to allow some action to occur.
She left the broth to simmer on the stove.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ] The police officers left him to think about his decision.[verb + smby/smth + infinitive ]
definition 3: to let remain in a particular place, either on purpose or by accident.
Leave the chair in the corner; it looks good there.Leave the dishes in the sink; we'll wash them in the morning.Her mother told her to put on her hat, but the child left it at home.Oh, no! I left my keys in the car!
similar words:
definition 4: to allow to stay in a particular condition.
Leave the door open when you go out.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ] She was worried that she'd left the stove on at home.Leave me alone.[verb + smby/smth + noun/adj ]
similar words:
definition 5: to depart or turn away from (someone or something) while allowing some action to continue.
Please don't leave the water running.[verb + smby/smth + present participle ] The criminals left the old man bleeding on the floor.[verb + zero object ]
definition 6: to deposit (something) in a particular place and allow it to remain there.
The delivery person left the package by the front door.I left the letter on your desk for you.They never invested in the stock market; they simply left their money in the bank.
definition 7: to let stay for action or decision.
Let's leave the discussion of that issue until tomorrow.
put aside
similar words:
hold, keep
definition 8: to give into the care or possession of as a result of one's death.
He left his money to his sons.My grandmother left me ten thousand dollars.[verb + object + object ]
bequeath, will
similar words:
allot, devise, endow, hand down
definition 9: to allow to remain for the use or benefit of another.
We left you a slice of pizza.[verb + object + object ]
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to go away; head out.
What time are you leaving tomorrow?He's leaving for California next week.We got to the gate just as the plane was leaving.She left to pick up her daughter at school.[verb + infinitive ] He was worried when he went into the lawyer's office, but he left happy.
depart, go
approach, come, enter, return, stay
similar words:
exit, remove, retire, shove off, split, strike, vacate
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phrase: leave behind, leave off, leave over