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parts of speech:
noun, adjective
come to life
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part of speech: noun
inflections: lives
definition 1: the state of being that allows humans and animals to grow and reproduce and that distinguishes them from rocks, minerals, and other nonliving matter.
A puppet does not have life.
being, vitality
similar words:
Úlan vital, animation, esse, existence, life force, nature, vigor
definition 2: a living being, or the essence of being alive that exists within a living being.
One life was lost today in the bus accident that occurred downtown.Ten lives were lost in the explosion.We don't know what prompted him to take his own life.
definition 3: living things collectively.
Pollution has affected the plant life in the area.Scientists have been searching for signs of life on the planet.
being, organism
similar words:
creature, ecosystem, fauna, flora, humankind, mortal
definition 4: the span between birth and death, or the collection of one's experiences during this span.
He's had a long life.My teenage years were the most difficult time of my life.She's only been out of the United States once in her life.My life has been very rewarding.
life span, lifetime, longevity
similar words:
age, alpha and omega, duration, existence, generation, life expectancy, survival, term
definition 5: the state of being alive rather than dead.
In life, she had been passionate and volatile; in death, she appeared serene.
definition 6: way of existing.
My grandmother still leads an active life.
condition, existence, lifestyle
similar words:
being, career, circumstance, destiny, fortune, lifework, living, lot, modus vivendi, situation, walk of life
definition 7: energy, movement, or vitality.
The child is full of life.
animation, energy, liveliness, pep, vibrance, vigor, vitality, vivacity
similar words:
blood, bounce, exhilaration, go, lifeblood, passion, resilience, sparkle, zip
definition 8: a biography.
I have just finished reading a life of Gandhi.
biography, memoir
similar words:
autobiography, diary, journal, vita
definition 9: the period during which something functions or is in effect.
These tires should last for the life of the car.The payments are fixed for the life of the contract.
duration, lifetime
similar words:
existence, longevity, period, span
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phrase: come to life
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: lasting for the term of a life.
He received a life sentence for the crime.
lifelong, lifetime
similar words:
endless, interminable, ongoing, perpetual
definition 2: pertaining to living existence.
Scientists are looking for life forms on the planet.
animate, biotic, existent, live, living, vital
similar words:
extant, life-giving
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