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parts of speech:
adjective, preposition, noun, conjunction
Word Combinations (adjective), Note
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: having the same form or characteristics.
The test requires the child to pick out pairs of like images from a set of images.
alike, identical, same
dissimilar, unalike, unlike
similar words:
akin, comparable, equal, equivalent, kin, matching, parallel, similar, twin
definition 2: having close resemblance.
After hearing her story, I told her I had a like experience.
comparable, correspondent, identical, similar
dissimilar, unlike
similar words:
alike, analogous, approximate, close, corresponding, kindred, matching, near, parallel, same
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part of speech: preposition
definition 1: the same as or similar to.
She is like her mother in the way she gestures when she speaks.This material feels like cotton.
definition 2: in the character of; in the same manner of.
She cooks like her mother.
similar words:
definition 3: open to; in the mood for; desirous of.
I'm tired and I feel like going home now.I don't really feel like cooking tonight--why don't we order a pizza?
similar words:
disposed to, open to
definition 4: disposed or inclined to.
It looks like rain today.
similar words:
disposed to, inclined to
part of speech: noun
definition: something or someone similar (usu. prec. by "the").
Lobsters, crayfish, shrimp, and the like are classified as arthropods.
similar words:
category, class, equivalent, et cetera, genre, ilk, kind, sort, stripe, type
part of speech: conjunction
definition 1: the way someone or something would be if; as if.
Something must have really scared him because he looked like he'd seen a ghost.She seemed like she was happy about it, but now I'm not sure.This cake tastes like it has lemon in it.You sound like you have a cold.I felt like I was going crazy.
definition 2: in the same way that; as.
He acts exactly like his father acts when he's angry.She thinks like everybody else thinks.
definition 3: such as.
She was wearing shoes like a dancer wears.
definition 4: in the manner that.
I played it like she asked me to play it.
like or as?
Like is a preposition that means similar to. As is a preposition and a conjunction. When a preposition, it means in the position or function of. When a conjunction, it means in the same way that and is used to introduce a subject and verb.
  • He wants a car like the one in the advertisement.
  • She works as an automobile mechanic.
  • He bought a new car, as he said he would.