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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: seI
inflections: assays, assaying, assayed
definition 1: to try out or test.
He is assaying the strength of his opponent.
similar words:
essay, prove, test, try
definition 2: to subject to chemical analysis to determine composition, quality, or potency, as with drugs or precious metals; make an assay of.
definition 3: to analyze or examine in order to judge; evaluate.
similar words:
estimate, evaluate
definition 4: to try; attempt.
similar words:
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: seI
definition: to be shown by chemical analysis to contain a certain proportion of.
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: ae seI [or] seI
definition 1: an analysis or examination, esp. of an ore, metal, or drug, to determine its composition, quality, or potency.
definition 2: the substance subjected to such an analysis.
definition 3: the findings of such an analysis.
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derivations: assayable (adj.), assayer (n.)