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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: goods and valuables taken by pillaging or plundering, usu. under conditions of war or general disorder; spoils.
The returning soldiers brought back loot from the lands they had conquered.
booty, pillage, spoils
similar words:
conquest, plunder, prize, riches, sack, valuables
definition 2: goods taken by stealth or other dishonest means.
The thief hid the loot in a locker at the airport.
plunder, steal, swag
similar words:
booty, goods, score, take
definition 3: (informal) a number of purchases, gifts, or the like.
After his shopping spree, he came over to show me his loot.The kids got a lot of loot for Christmas this year.
similar words:
booty, gifts, goods, purchases, riches
definition 4: the act of looting.
pillage, plunder, spoliation
similar words:
despoliation, forage, sack
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: loots, looting, looted
definition 1: to forcibly remove goods or valuables from (a place), usu. under conditions of war or general disorder; plunder; pillage.
The invading army looted the village.Some of the downtown stores were looted in the aftermath of the hurricane.
despoil, pillage, plunder, sack
similar words:
forage, harry, liberate, maraud, prey, raid, ransack, rob, strip
definition 2: to steal (goods, money, or the like) in times of general disorder, such as during a riot, attack, or in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
The angry mob looted merchandise from retail stores in the center of the city.
plunder, steal
similar words:
burglarize, burgle, commandeer, pilfer, pillage, raid, ransack, rob
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to pillage or plunder, usu. during war or times of general disorder.
pillage, plunder
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derivation: looter (n.)
Homophone Note
The words loot and lute sound alike but have different meanings. To find out why a musical thief would be happy to find a lute among his loot, look up lute.