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mar jihn
parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an edge and the border area near it.
It's illegal to drive on the margin of a highway.
border, frame, periphery, rim, verge
similar words:
bound, boundary, circuit, edge, fringe, hem, lip
definition 2: the blank space between written or printed matter and the edge of a page.
I got my paper back, and the professor wrote some nice comments in the margins.She set narrow margins for her document.
similar words:
border, edge, frame, periphery
definition 3: a limit beyond which something is no longer desirable or beyond which something no longer exists.
His behavior went to the margin of propriety.This film would have been judged beyond the margins of decency in the 1950s.
bounds, fringe, limit
similar words:
brink, extreme, verge
definition 4: an amount allowed beyond what is considered necessary, so as to provide for profit, safety, accuracy, or the like.
Leave a good margin of time for getting to the airport in this weather.The calculation gives a margin of error of four per cent for the poll.
similar words:
elbowroom, excess, latitude, loophole, play, safety, tolerance
definition 5: the difference between the cost and the selling price of goods.
Our margin of profit is very small on these products.
similar words:
appreciation, inflation, profit
definition 6: any of several monetary differences, as between the amount of a loan and the value of the collateral.
similar words:
cost, expense, profit, yield
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: margins, margining, margined
definition 1: to supply with a margin.
border, edge, fringe, rim
similar words:
bound, circle, encircle, encompass, frame, outline, trim
definition 2: to add notes in the margin of.
similar words:
annotate, mark, notate, note
definition 3: to deposit money in a brokerage account as surety against losses, or to establish or add to a margin account by such deposits.