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parts of speech:
noun, adjective
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part of speech: noun
inflections: media, mediums
definition 1: an intervening substance or agency through which a force is effective.
Copper wire is a medium for conducting electricity.
similar words:
agency, instrumentality, intermediary, means, mode
definition 2: an instrument, means, or agency.
We use money as a medium of exchange.
instrument, means
similar words:
agency, mechanism, tool, vehicle
definition 3: any one of the means of mass communication, such as television, radio, newspapers, or the like.
Which medium do you most often go to for news?
definition 4: (pl.) newspapers, television, radio, and other means of mass communication collectively (used with a singular or plural verb).
The media have a strong influence over our thinking.The couple's engagement was immediately announced in the media.
communications, mass media, media
similar words:
definition 5: a middle or intermediate thing or condition.
There must be a happy medium between what you want to do and what she wants to do.
similar words:
intermediary, mean, middle
definition 6: a means of personal communication or artistic expression.
Ansel Adams is an artist whose medium is photography.
similar words:
method, mode
definition 7: a particular material, such as oil paint, ink, or acrylic paint, chosen to be used in a work by an artist.
definition 8: an environment in which one may function or grow.
element, environment, habitat
similar words:
definition 9: a person through whom spirits manifest themselves, as in a seance.
similar words:
clairvoyant, necromancer
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: middle or intermediate in size or degree.
The suspect is a man of medium height.I ordered a medium soda, not a large.
intermediate, moderate
similar words:
average, mean, middle, middling, modest
definition 2: (of meat) cooked to a moderate degree so that the inside is somewhat tender but retains only a little original color.
I ordered a medium steak, but this is well-done and has no pinkness at all inside.
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