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might as well
Grammatical Patterns
part of speech: auxiliary verb
definition 1: used to express the possibility of something happening or being true.
It might get cold at night, so bring some warm clothes.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] She might go on to graduate school after college, but her plans aren't firm yet.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] He might be a nicer person than you think he is.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] The scissors might be in the top drawer--did you look there?[modal verb + bare infinitive ] He might not agree to your plan, so you'd better think of an alternative.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] I might not go to work tomorrow--I'm getting a sore throat.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] The police are not sure yet, but the kidnapper might have been watching the child for weeks.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] I'm a little worried because I might have left the stove on at my house.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] I don't know where she is, but she might have gone to her sister's, I suppose.[modal verb + bare infinitive ]
definition 2: used to indicate what would be a possibility or would have been a possibility under a certain unreal condition (followed by "have" plus a past participle when referring to a possible action or state in the past).
If I were you, I might consider joining the Army.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] If we had gone to the same school, we might have been friends.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] If you had lived during the Great Depression, you might be more careful now about how you spend your money.[modal verb + bare infinitive ]
definition 3: used as a past form of "may," indicating permission or possibility, after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts.
She told the children they might play outside a little longer.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] He said he might go to Boston instead of New York.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] I thought I might take a walk to the park but then it began to rain.[modal verb + bare infinitive ]
definition 4: used to ask whether there is a possibility of being allowed to do something.
Might I offer you some assistance?[modal verb + bare infinitive ] Might we dance together one last time?[modal verb + bare infinitive ]
definition 5: used to concede that something is true or is possibly true.
I might be getting old, but I can still do this job better than these young guys.[modal verb + bare infinitive ] Our apartment might be small, but it suits our needs perfectly.[modal verb + bare infinitive ]
phrase: might as well