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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
make up one's mind, never mind, out of one's mind, presence of mind
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the reasoning faculty, which thinks, judges, understands, and directs.
She considered all the facts carefully in her mind.
intellect, intelligence, mentality, mentation, ratiocination, rationality, reason, thought
similar words:
acuity, acumen, apperception, apprehension, brain, brainpower, cerebrum, cognition, cognizance, comprehension, consciousness, gray matter, head, intention, judgment, noggin, perception, psychology, sense, understanding, wit
definition 2: the intellect or intelligence as commonly considered distinct from the body; intellectual power.
His body may be weak but he still has his mind.
anima, psyche, soul, spirit
similar words:
acuity, acumen, apperception, comprehension, consciousness, head, intellect, intelligence, intention, judgment, mentality, mentation, sense, thought, understanding, vitality
definition 3: a specific person considered to have a superior intellect.
Einstein is considered one of the great minds of the twentieth century.
genius, intellect, intellectual
similar words:
ace, authority, brain, expert, mastermind, prodigy, thinker, whiz
definition 4: recollection or consciousness.
Please keep my request in mind.
awareness, cognizance, consciousness, memory, mind's eye, recollection
similar words:
attention, recall, record, remembrance, reminiscence, retention, retrospection, review
definition 5: desire or opinion.
I have a mind to quit this job, but it's just not possible.
desire, fancy, hankering, hope, want, yen
similar words:
craving, impulse, inclination, longing, lust, need, urge, yearning
definition 6: rational stability.
He sought counseling because he feared he was losing his mind.
equilibrium, lucidity, rationality, reason, sanity, stability
similar words:
acuity, balance, coherence, sensibility, wit
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phrase: out of one's mind, presence of mind
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: minds, minding, minded
definition 1: to take care of or look after; tend.
Are you minding the children?
attend, look after, tend, watch
similar words:
defend, foster, guard, maintain, nurture, preserve, protect, safeguard, shield, support, sustain
definition 2: to become concerned about, disapprove of, or object to.
He doesn't mind what those gossips say about him.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] She doesn't mind that they criticize her in the press.[verb + (that) + clause ] I hope you don't mind my asking you a personal question.[verb + possessive adj + gerund ] Would you mind turning down the volume a bit?[verb + gerund ] I don't mind cooking; it's cleaning up afterwards that I dislike.[verb + gerund ] I don't mind his interruptions; I'm used to them.
disapprove of, disfavor, dislike, object to
similar words:
abhor, decry, deplore, despise, detest, discountenance, disdain, execrate, hate, loathe
definition 3: to pay attention to and obey (rules, people in authority, or the like).
The students were not minding the substitute teacher that day.
abide by, heed, obey
similar words:
accept, agree with, attend, conform to, follow, mark, observe
definition 4: to be cautious concerning or careful of.
You should mind what you say when she's around.[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ] Mind the hot stove!Mind how you swing that hammer![verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
similar words:
attend, beware, need, observe, watch
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to object, care, or be concerned.
Go ahead and smoke; I don't mind.Would you mind if I closed the window?[verb + WH/whether/if + clause ]
care, disapprove, object
similar words:
execrate, hate, remonstrate
definition 2: to take notice; heed carefully.
Mind in order that you understand all the instructions.
beware, heed, watch
similar words:
attend, observe, regard, see
definition 3: to act obediently; behave according to certain rules or standards.
The children mind well with this new babysitter.
behave, comply, obey
similar words:
accede, accept, adhere, assent, bend, bow, conform, consent, heed, observe
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phrase: make up one's mind, never mind
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