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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: mo bl [or] mo baIl
definition 1: able to move or be moved from one place or position to another.
Her leg is healing well, and she is much more mobile now.They relocated their mobile home to a bigger lot.
motile, movable
immobile, immovable, stabile, stationary
similar words:
ambulatory, animate, locomotive, moving, portable, traveling
definition 2: in motion; moving.
Objects appear different when they are mobile.
immobile, motionless
definition 3: changing rapidly or readily from one state, mood, expression, or the like, to another.
Her face, with its mobile expressions, showed her every emotion.
changeable, fluid, mutable
immobile, motionless, stable
similar words:
expressive, protean, reactive, responsive, restless, volatile
definition 4: characterized by relatively easy or common movement from one social class or level to another or by an easy intermixture of different social groups.
The younger generation was becoming increasingly mobile, whereas members of the older generation remained at the social level to which they were born.
similar words:
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: mo bil  for 1 [or] mo baIl  for 2
definition 1: a decorative object or work of art, usu. suspended, made of pieces that are connected by wire or string and that move when touched by a breeze. (Cf. stabile.)
definition 2: (chiefly British) a mobile telephone that operates using radio signals and therefore requires no wires. A mobile is part of a system composed of many low-power radio transmitters located in "cells" across a region and will receive a radio signal from whichever transmitter in the system is closest; cell phone.
My friend from England said she'd call me on her mobile as soon as she arrives in New York.
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