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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
hit the nail on the head, nail down, do nails
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a slim, pointed metal rod, usu. topped by a flat head, that can be hammered into a material such as wood in order to fasten or reinforce.
I hammered the nails into the wood.
similar words:
brad, pin, rivet, spike, tack
definition 2: a horny, natural growth that partially covers the end of a finger or toe; fingernail or toenail.
You have to keep your nails short if you want to play the violin.
fingernail, toenail
similar words:
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phrase: hit the nail on the head
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: nails, nailing, nailed
definition 1: to fasten or reinforce with a nail or nails.
The workers nailed the shingles to the existing roof.
clinch, fasten, hammer
similar words:
affix, attach, fix, join, pin, reinforce, rivet, secure
definition 2: to shut in or shut up with nails.
Nail the door shut.
hammer, secure
similar words:
clinch, fasten, fix
definition 3: to fix (the attention or gaze) on something.
She nailed her attention on the professor's face.
fasten, fix, focus
similar words:
concentrate, direct
definition 4: (informal) to catch or grab hold of; nab.
The police celebrated that they'd finally nailed their suspect.
catch, nab
similar words:
apprehend, bag, capture, grab, hook, seize, snag, snare, snatch
definition 5: (informal) to hit or strike, esp. by throwing or shooting.
The ball came at me at full speed and nailed me on the head.
bang, bop, hammer, hit, strike
similar words:
drill, smack, sock, whack, whale
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phrase: nail down
phrase: do nails
Word Builder: kinds of nails
  • fingernail:
    the nail at the end of each finger.
  • toenail:
    the nail at the end of each toe.
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