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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, adjective
in the name of, to one's name
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a word or group of words used to identify something or someone.
What is the name of that park near you?I recognize her face, but I can't remember her name.
appellation, cognomen, designation
similar words:
appellative, denomination, epithet, identification, label, nickname, tag, title, trademark
definition 2: a label only, rather than a reflection of fact.
He's a writer in name, but he's never published anything.
similar words:
designation, label, tag, title
definition 3: reputation.
The company has established a good name in the industry.She has a good name as a dentist in town.
reputation, repute
similar words:
standing, status
definition 4: a person who is famous or distinguished.
He's a big name in the sports world.
celebrity, figure, luminary, notable
similar words:
bigwig, dignitary, personality, star, superstar
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phrase: in the name of, to one's name
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: names, naming, named
definition 1: to assign a name to.
We named our dog Charlie.[verb + object + object ] They named the baby Lily after her grandmother.[verb + object + object ]
call, designate, dub
similar words:
baptize, christen, entitle, label, title
definition 2: to call, specify, or mention by name.
The committee named the prizewinners at a special ceremony.The suspect eventually named the others who took part in the crime.
denominate, designate, mention, specify
similar words:
call, denote, identify
definition 3: to indicate; specify.
She could not name a good reason for her refusal.
cite, designate, disclose, indicate, reveal, specify
similar words:
denominate, denote, identify, mention, pin down, suggest
definition 4: to appoint to a particular office or duty.
The committee named him chairman of the board.[verb + object + object ]
appoint, assign, designate, nominate
similar words:
appropriate, choose, constitute, delegate, elect, make, propose, select
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part of speech: adjective
definition: well-known; famous.
He is a name bowler.Name brands are more expensive than store brand products.
celebrated, famous, renowned, well-known
similar words:
acclaimed, distinguished, eminent, important, noted, popular
derivation: named (adj.)