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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the essential character or quality of a person or thing.
Need for control is an aspect of human nature.It's not in her nature to forgive easily.I was not aware of the illicit nature of their dealings.
being, spirit
similar words:
character, disposition, essence, genius, instinct, mettle, quality, sort, temperament
definition 2: the physical world and living things as they exist apart from the activity or intervention of human beings.
Animals, plants, and mountains are part of nature.We need to preserve the wonders of nature.
similar words:
environment, outdoors, surroundings
definition 3: a place or places in general where living things in their natural state can be enjoyed; the outdoors.
We go up to the cabin every summer to be in nature.
definition 4: disposition; temperament.
I found his moody nature a source of annoyance.
constitution, disposition, makeup, temperament
similar words:
character, essence, humor, mettle, personality, will
definition 5: the complex of processes and forces that operate throughout the universe.
Scientists are still trying to understand the laws of nature.
definition 6: kind; variety.
For the child, it was a new experience of a frightening nature.My son likes action films, adventure stories, and things of that nature.
kind, sort, stripe, type
similar words:
category, form, ilk, variety
definition 7: the material world, as opposed to the world of the mind or spirit.
Unicorns do not exist in nature.
cosmos, matter, universe, world
similar words:
creation, macrocosm
definition 8: the actual appearance of something.
Her drawings are always true to nature.
similar words:
appearance, cast, matter, substance
definition 9: a primitive state of society or culture, or a state that resembles such.
They decided to build a cabin in the mountains and get back to nature.
similar words:
primitiveness, wildness
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