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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
grammatical pattern:
verb + that
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: ab jekt
definition 1: anything that exists in tangible form and can be seen or touched.
I need my glasses to see objects in the distance.The prisoners are allowed to keep only a few personal objects in their cells.She is good at drawing three-dimensional objects.
similar words:
article, body, doodad, doohickey, entity, form, something, stuff, substance, thingamajig
definition 2: the recipient or subject of a thought, feeling, or action.
His overly short pants made him an object of ridicule at school.
recipient, subject, target
similar words:
butt, cynosure
definition 3: the purpose or goal of a particular activity or endeavor.
The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards.
aim, end, goal, intent, objective, point, purpose, target
similar words:
design, effect, idea, intention, plan, purport
definition 4: in grammar, a noun or noun equivalent that functions as the receiver of the action of a verb or that follows a preposition to form a prepositional phrase.
In the sentence "I was reading a book," the object is "book."
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similar words:
direct object, indirect object, recipient
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part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: b jekt
inflections: objects, objecting, objected
definition 1: to present opposing argument.
Since no one on the counsel objected, the plan went forward.
similar words:
argue, confute, contradict, contravene, controvert, counter, demur, disprove, dispute, dissent, expostulate, oppose, rebut, refute, remonstrate, repudiate, retort
definition 2: to express or hold negative feelings; be averse.
She objects to what she considers bad language in these recent movies.
disapprove, frown
similar words:
balk at, demur, except, expostulate, kick, mind, oppose, remonstrate, take exception
part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: b jekt
definition: to put forth in opposition.
He objected that the project simply couldn't be finished by that deadline.[verb + that ] She objected that there was little evidence to substantiate such a claim.[verb + that ]
argue, protest
similar words:
contend, insist, maintain, plead, retort
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derivation: objector (n.)
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